Workshops and Intensives are coming!

If you return to your old hometown you might think everything goes back to normal. It doesn't. Happy to announce Workshops and much more is soon coming!

After a few years being abroad I see, what potential the world has and that I can make a huge difference. There are so many good and creative dancers around and as well people which seek for motivation, power and love. I'm ready to fire up your self esteem not matter what age, race, gender or location! We motivate yourself together to a higher level and make sure you can live to the FULLEST.

Do you need a dance workshop in your dance school or someone for a motivational talk or even a motivational workshop? Book me now and lets take you to a higher level.

Let me tell you a little bit what's coming till the end of the year a nationally (Switzerland) and international. (Exact dates will be posted)

Nationally (in Switzerland) till the end of the year:

Following Workshops are planned:

> Halloween Horror Workshop (buuuh ;) (Age restriction 16 yrs) 30 October 2020

> Heels Workshop in Solothurn with an beautiful african vibe

> Disney Workshop for Kids

> Christmas Dance day

If you like to book me for a dance or motivational Workshop, just contact me over my website or Social media.


The coronavirus has unfortunately a huge impact on travelling. To keep my surrounded People and family safe, the whole 2020 I will not travel around to give workshops (except the virus would be under control) But I'm open for bookings for next year.

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