Biographie Romano Solano

Romano Solano was born on March 9th of 1994 in Solothurn, a village in the State Solothurn in Switzerland.
He started to dance when he was six years old, in the group "The little Italians" nowadays called "Li-Danceunit". He graduated primary and as well High school in Zuchwil. 2009 he started his commercial apprenticeship in the municipality in Biberist which he graduated 2012 and added a year of a commercial pre-college year. After year working and traveling to Australia he started to work as a planner in a Medical technical company until 2018.

During this period (year 2015) he participated the Tv-Show "Swiss got Talent" with his dancepartner and reached the finals. As well in 2015 reached the semi-finals of the TV-Show "Got to dance"
Many performances and successful competitions followed.
2018 he quit his planner job to pursue his dream to become a professional dancer.
He started the ISVP (International student Visa program) in Broadway dance center New York city. Following his dance journey he traveled back and forth between New York and Los Angeles. He took classes in Millennium Dance Complex, Edgepac and Movement Lifestyle in Los Angeles.
To continue his success he moved to London UK in 2019, where he started a flexible job as a promoter and as well working as a dancer. He was able to travel and work with the Dance Company "Stepchangestudios" and to perform for several jobs.
As well he was able to start to work as a Model and Extra.
Since mid 2020 he is located in Switzerland to work international and national from his hometown.

About his Dance styles;
As a child he started with Sicilian folklore and Jazz & Show-dance.
With the age of sixteen he added Contemporary to his repertoire. He got trained by Licia Piscopo & Irina Carmela and took some workshops in Switzerland.
In New York he added Streetjazz, Jazzfunk & Commercial to his Styles. Hiphop foundation he gained in NYC, LA and Switzerland. To create more diversity he trained as well in Heels.


Motivation, Power & Love


Already as a kid Romano knew that he's not only bodywise different than others. His will to pursue his dreams and wishes was already strong. Even with Body Challenges (Disabilities) he fought for his dreams and didn't give up. Today as an adult he still believes in having dreams and to follow the path of motivation and this path filled with love. The Philosophy of MPL he discovered in 2019. He started to manifest the idea and to include this way of thinking on a daily base.